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The View Belongs To Everyone

The View Belongs To Everyone

As the saying goes - 'The view belongs to everyone'.

Which is why we've taken up membership to support Friends of The Lake District.

Friends of The Lake District are an independent charity and the only membership organisation dedicated to protecting and enhancing Cumbria's landscapes. It's a highly active concern that takes positive action to protect and conserve the natural beauty of these landscapes for the benefit of visitors, local communities, wildlife and habitats.

It's an organisation with a very simple mandate. To help, protect and enhance a beautiful piece of our country that can be enjoyed by EVERYONE.

The Lake District is a special place and what makes it so special is its very natural surroundings - a magical mix of fells, valleys and beautiful waters. It's a welcoming place with very warm hearted people who are proud and care about their surroundings.

Their website covers a wide selection of case histories which will show you how much work and dedication goes into this dedicated organisation. If you get the chance please visit and consider a small donation and membership.

We never forget how lucky we are to call this place our home but we also fortunate to have a caring organisation that ensure its continued appeal and safeguarding.


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