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The North Will Rise! The Northern Fells geometric poster.

The North Will Rise! The Northern Fells geometric poster.

The Northern Fells are a range lying north beyond Keswick. It was best chronicled by Alfred Wainwright, when he divided the 214 fells of the Lake District into his seven geographical volumes of his 'Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells', the first volume of which was published in 1952.

Each edition was printed on colour cloth boards with coloured lettering but they soon expanded to covers featuring one of Wainwright's delightful pen and ink sketches together with its title which for each volume was colour coded. Wainwright's fifth edition, published in 1962 was The Northern Fells, which had as it's individual colour a rich brown - and this featured as the theme colour for our Northern Fells Geometric print.

All of the seven sections of fells carry their own distinctive style and with the Northern Fells there's the two most distinctive and dominating fells, namely the soft sloped but imposing Skiddaw and the more craggy Blencathra which features the imposing 'Sharp Edge' a highly demanding scramble for hikers and climbers.

The Area of the Northern Fells is only about 10 miles in diameter and circular in arrangement but also provides some wonderfully named fells such as Great Calva, Bannerdale Crags and Great Cockup.

The Northern Fells are part of a very personable part of the Lake District and Cumbria. Whether you are early in to the Cumbria Way walk or nearing the end of the National Park heading toward Carlisle, it's an area of stunning isolated beauty. A reminder that you should always treat the fells and the weather with the utmost respect.

Each of the 24 fells in our poster has been stylised and given a geometric rendering with additional colour ways and a linear effect. The design follows our popular Lake District Fells and Lakes, Waters, Meres and Tarns - both in a similar geometric styled design.

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