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Coco - The Art of Chocolate. Looks good enough to eat!

Coco - The Art of Chocolate. Looks good enough to eat!

Two passions of The Northern Line, very neatly packaged into one...good design and great tasting chocolate! Though with this product there's a very compelling story to go with it and a passion to put product before profit.

Coco make chocolate, very nice chocolate, and they collaborate with a number of artists to create beautifully packaged bars.

The beauty of this product is inside and out, because the chocolate, unlike many, is sourced at origin in Colombia. By purchasing a product at origin, more profit stays within the country and develops the industry. Coco visit Bogota, Colombia's colourful capital to oversee the beans being processed into Couverture (buttons) before being despatched to Coco back in Edinburgh. They also visit the original source, the farms cultivating the beans.

Bogata street art

casa Luker cocoa farm

With the beans transported to Edinburgh the product really comes to life. Creating the chocolate iself (they're not called chocolatiers for nothing!) and collaborating with an army of talented artist to create some of the most eye catching packaging we've ever seen. 

Coco Chocolatier

Coco Chocolatier

We're on board with a selection of milk and dark chocolate bars and as willing tasters we can guarantee you won't be disappointed with your gift (or is it going to stay with you?!)

Coco have worked on a number of collaborations producing products for Tate galleries and Talisker whiskey. 

Have a look at this great product

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