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Spend £30 for a 10% Discount. Use code HELLO10 T&C's apply click for information
Spring is Sprouting and we have some ideas!

Spring is Sprouting and we have some ideas!

Those daylight hours are getting longer and of course, Spring is that perfect time for getting into your space to prune and pot. And we wouldn't be a proper shop if we didn't tell you what we have as perfect gifts for green fingered friends or relatives. Option B, as always is to gift to yourself! So here's a little run down on what we have for the great outdoors.   Butterfly and Bee Hotel

Our Bee and Butterfly hotels are easy to fit on a wall (ideally facing south - south west). The good news, is you don't have to charge our crucial winged insects to stay - they can stay free of charge, but the purpose is to provide safe nesting areas. You can replace each year, but if you keep one beyond that time make sure you clean it out thoroughly.


The Grow Bar has been really popular since we started stocking it 4 years ago. Firstly it looks great as packaging (all of it it biodegradable by the way) which makes it such an attractive gift. 

Grow Bars are cleverly curated seed collections nestled in neat fertile coir bars - ready to grow, just add water! Watch them grow into herbs for your gin and tonic, or colourful flowers for your home or to attract bees or butterflies, or ingredients to produce your own beer or tea! How cool is that?

Your Garden - Gardener's Scissors

These are not just scissors. They're gardening scissors and remember you're not cutting sausages, you're in the field, tackling stray roots and those rose bushes that have a mind of their own. Tough opponents! 

These traditional hand-forged gardening scissors arrive in a pretty 'Your Garden' presentation box, making them an ideal gift idea for green fingered family or friends.

Your Garden Gardeners Twine in a Tin

Twine. Plenty of people have a love hate relationship with twine, because the stuff knots and basically, twines itself! This lovely tin with pretty bird design is full of twine for all your gardening tasks and it's practical. Pretty and practical - like a Labrador that can do DIY.

So there you have it. If you've never gardened before, now is a great time to learn a hobby you'll never get bored of. And if you've only a window ledge or a confined space then please go through our range of Growbars, because they are perfect for just that scenario.

Happy growing!

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