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Location, location, location T.Shirts!

Location, location, location T.Shirts!

We've just taken on board here at TNL some delightful T.Shirts by Sight Hound. It's the brainchild of illustrator Jane Spencer who bases herself down on the beautiful Kent coast.

Jane has developed a highly innovative range of location based T.Shirts. From her portfolio of innovative designs each one can be enhanced with a location icon - of course in our case, up here in the beautiful Lake District.

We have two designs currently in-stock. Jane's clever cycling UK map created from a selection of cycling parts and the UK circuit board design.

Sight Hound buy from a 100% cotton and an organic cotton range, both lines are manufactured sustainably and Fair Wear foundation approved.

All printing is done in Folkestone using a solvent-free and water based system.
Packaging is plastic free - using compostable cello and kraft paper to mail to you, even tags are cotton yarn and kraft board.

It's an excellent product and another in that line of 'get it for a gift - but actually keep it for yourself' range.

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