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Ken Eardley - Ceramic magic

Ken Eardley - Ceramic magic

Something we do our best to look out for when it comes to choosing products for the shop is something with a different approach from the norm. Something that is not likely to be on the ‘High Street’ as the saying goes. So when we came across the wonderful work by Ken Eardley, well, we thought we had to have a bit of that!


Ken is based in Brighton and after studying printed textiles in Liverpool he went on to do a Masters degree in ceramics at the Royal College of Art. Now he’s the producer of a wonderful range of vases, jugs, planters, bowls and many more ceramic touches for the house.


Ken’s distinctive and confident approach to ceramics delivers products with individuality and personality. His work is many a mile from the production line output from many a high-end household supplier and we sing his praises for that!


Bold and colourful, each product is hand built from slabs of clay and decorated using hand-cut stencil decoration. But what makes his work so distinctive is that eye for colour and we think a contemporary approach to pattern design influenced by the mid-century trend for decoration without straight edges and an exact registration.


It’s not the norm – and that’s why we love the range and Ken’s style.







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