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Spend £30 for a 10% Discount. Use code HELLO10 T&C's apply click for information
A Hues Hue of Lake District Colours

A Hues Hue of Lake District Colours

Our Lake District Colourways poster is a take on 63 colour palettes which refer to colour influenced landmarks, elements of nature, people and popular products in Lake District Culture. It's not just about Fells and Waters - although there's plenty of reference there including Base Brown and Red Tarn. There's well known and a few that may surprise and inform.

Cecily Parsley

Lake District Colourways

Cecily Parsley was the opening poem from Beatrix Potter's second book of rhymes. Potter - one of The Lakes most famous residents - wrote about Cecily, a rabbit who lived in a pen and brewed homemade ale, cowslip wine and apple cider. Potter's book of rhymes was published in 1922.

Cumbrian Eyebright

Lake District Colourways

There are about 20 species of Eyebright, the Cumbrian being one of them. A soft and subtle sight, the Eyebright has oval, sharply toothed leaves, and white, violet-like flowers that have purple veins and yellow centres.

Forty Shillings

Lake District Colourways

Originally from Thurby, Carlisle Cumbrian Orchards - This medium sized apple bears fruit that have attractive red stripes, and creamy white flesh with a rich sweet-savoury flavour.

Mountain Ringlet

Lake District Colourways

Found in The Lake District and Scottish Highlands, The Mountain Ringlet is our only true montane species and is found on mountains above 350m. It's very hard to find due to the remoteness of many colonies.

Sea to the West

Lake District Colourways

Norman Nicholson OBE was one of Cumbria's finest poets (1914-1987) who's work centred around the region, especially his home town of Millom. One such poem is Sea to the West:-

When the sea’s to the west
The evenings are one dazzle –
You can find no sign of water.
Sun upflows the horizon;
Waves of shine
Heave, crest, fracture,
Explode on the shore;
The wide day burns.
In the incandescent mantle of the air.

Lake District Colourways

There is always more to the Lake District and Cumbria than Fells and Waters. It's a home to a people unique and a rich source for inspiration.



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